Jixun Dai

Associate Staff Scientist, NMR Facility
Dai smiling

Chemistry & The Commons, Room 117


Degrees and Appointments

  • 1993 B.S. Chemical Physics, University of Science and Technology of China
  • 2001 Ph.D. Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2001-2012 Research Associate/Assistant Research Scientist, University of Arizona
  • 2012-2018 Assistant Staff Scientist, University of Arizona
  • 2018-present Associate Staff Scientist, University of Arizona

Specialties: NMR spectroscopy, NMR Methods Development and Instrumentation, Molecular Structure, Molecular Dynamics Simulation

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Research Description

I manage a shared-use open-access NMR facility dedicated to small molecule research. The facility houses three high-resolution NMR spectrometers, including a Bruker Avance III 400, a DRX 500, and a NEO 500. My responsibilities encompass the maintenance of the NMR instrumentation and computational systems, educating users on the fundamentals of NMR methodology, and developing NMR spectroscopic techniques, experimental protocols, and data analysis methods to address user's problems. My research interests are directed toward the investigation of the structure and dynamics of organic compounds, natural products, small biopolymers, and material science samples through the application of liquid-state and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.