Student in the laboratory


Graduate student Md Mubarak Hossain from the Gianetti Lab has been selected for the National Organic Chemistry Symposium Travel Award by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry.

As an award winner, Mubarak will represent the Department of CBC, the University of Arizona at the 47th National Organic Chemistry Symposium organized by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry.

In addition to that, he will be given the opportunity to present a poster at the symposium which is going to be held June 26th-30th in San Diego,
California this year.

Congratulations to Tasmia Ahmed.

Tasmia has been selected for the Cancer Center BCP Research Fellowship on behalf of the Biological Chemistry Program Steering Committee! The award term will be from August 16, 2022, to August 15, 2023.

Devin Seka

Congratulations to Devin Seka who is the scholar of the 2022 John Hostetter Award.

John Hostetter Award