2024 CBC Outstanding Peer Mentors

May 2, 2024
Left photo (Adrian De la Peña and Sam Ellis), Center (Madison Grams and Anna Campbell), Right (Angela Mankin)

Left photo (Adrian De la Peña and Sam Ellis), Center (Madison Grams and nominator Anna Campbell), Right (Angela Mankin)

Congratulations to the 2024 CBC Outstanding Peer Mentors!

Sam Ellis – nominated by Adrian De la Peña
"The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry creates a community on campus unlike any other. On the one hand, most students majoring in science must at least take general chemistry and will pass through the department, learning about core principles that will support their future studies. On the other hand, you have chemistry and biochemistry students who call the Henry Koffler building home, whether they like it or not. I joined the department Spring of my freshman year, only knowing that I was somewhat interested in research.

I got a chance to talk to Olivia Mendoza, our senior program organizer, who immediately matched me with a CBC mentor who was very involved in research. As a mentee, my mentor gave me so much support and direction in terms of undergraduate research when I felt lost or confused about what I wanted to do. I had such a great experience that I knew I wanted to get more involved in the department, so I applied to become a CBC mentor and ambassador. Since becoming more involved, I've met professors who care about their students' success, staff who provide endless support, and fellow students who are passionate about helping others, discovery, and mentorship. At such a large and diverse university, I've truly found a community that I love to be a part of."


Madison Grams – nominated by Anna Campbell
"I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish and Marketing. This is my first year as a peer mentor and I love it, my mentee, Anna, and I have a lot of similar interests, like hiking, trail running, desert animals, and of course science. This was a perfect match for us, we would go on hikes or runs while talking about our research, class experiences I have had, and just college life in general. I have loved seeing Anna learn more about college life, grow in her classes, and present at the CBC poster fair. Thank you, Anna and the CBC department, for this wonderful opportunity!"


Angela Mankin – nominated by Sara Kretschmer
"I am grateful to CBC for fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Thank you to the ambassador and peer mentor program for giving me opportunities to build connections with faculty and peers that I would not have experienced without such encouraging surroundings."