Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program

CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program

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Do you have a desire to help students that are new to Chemistry and Biochemistry?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC) Advising Office sponsors the CBC Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program to provide new students with guidance and counsel. This highly successful program, established in 2005 is designed to encourage student involvement within the CBC Department. Furthermore, peer mentors share their experiences and knowledge of programs and affiliations to help new students find and/or discover their potential career path. New CBC students and current CBC upperclassmen mentors are matched based on student's backgrounds and interests. Mentors work with new CBC students on a one-to-one basis to assist new students with academic and professional development.
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recruits upper-classmen to serve as peer mentors each fall to assist incoming freshmen during their first semester at the University of Arizona.  We seek students who are willing to volunteer as peer mentors to share their experience and wisdom as a UArizona Chemistry and/or Biochemistry student, to provide a listening ear to incoming Freshmen, properly refer new students to campus resources, and encourage and facilitate student involvement in clubs, undergraduate research, seminars, helpful courses, and other activities that add value to their education.

•   be a Junior or Senior CBC undergraduate at start of the fall term (with consideration given to some exceptional Sophomores)

•   be completely through your second year of the program

•   be in good academic standing

•   be outgoing, involved in campus life, and research active (or have a desire to be)

•   Able to start mentoring  in summer before Fall classes begin (not required, but highly encouraged!)

•   You will need to complete the FERPA tutorial (required) and send the proof of completion Olivia Mendoza,  FERPA tutorial found here:

•   You will be assigned 2 to 3 Biochemistry or Chemistry students, depending on your major. Please make first contact by emailing them and arranging to meet one-on-one.  You will get an email from Olivia Mendoza, Director of the Peer Mentor program, with their information at some point over the summer after their orientation. 

•   Please share your email with your mentees, and if you are comfortable you may also provide your phone number.. 

•   You will positively impact new Wildcats by sharing your invaluable student experiences

•   You can build community in CBC by making connections with your peers and mentees

•   Assist new students achieve their academic and professional goals by offering your insights

•   You can add this leadership experience to your resume!

Each year CBC recognizes our best student mentors with the Outstanding Peer Mentor Award. Students are asked to nominate their peer mentors by submitting a nomination form usually in the Spring Semester. This award will be given to a CBC Mentor deserving of recognition of his/her contributions in assisting new students with academic and professional development. If you have any questions, contact the CBC Peer Mentor Coordinator, Olivia Mendoza.

The Nominations for the Outstanding Peer Mentors are closed until Spring 2025


Sam Ellis

Madison Grams

Angela Mankin



Eric Nathan Primack

Wesley Chiu



Shifat Hossain
Giang Huong Pham



Paige Elizabeth Martin
Monica Ruffalo
Hillary Schiff
Jessica Vickery



Steven Fried
Todd Lewis
Doli Patel



Hannah Moran
Soraya Sandoval



Jessica Diensing
Marisela Rodrigues



Gloria Thien Huong Le
Neal Patel

Quotes from CBC Peer Mentors

  "Transitioning to and navigating through life at college can be challenging and filled with uncertainties. Having mentors made the world of a difference for me, and I wanted to give back by being a peer mentor myself. I've had the pleasure of being a CBC Peer Mentor for a few younger students these past couple of years, and being able to work with them to plan and reach their academic and professional goals has been extremely rewarding. Whether it's looking through different clubs on campus or having discussions on life after undergrad, I've enjoyed helping them find their own path. CBC has cultivated an inclusive and uplifting community, and I'm glad to have been able to contribute to it."
   ~Wesley Chiu, Biochemistry, Class of 2023 Outstanding Peer Mentor
  "While at the University of Arizona I have had the opportunity to engage in one of my favorite activities, helping and teaching others. As a CBC peer mentor I immediately saw the impact I could have on new students to the University. Whether it be showing students around campus or tutoring I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge in an attempt to improve someone's understanding. Without the networking being a CBC peer mentor provided, I doubt I would have been able to help as many students as I have. With that said I have valued my time as a peer mentor and I am grateful for the insight I have shed to new and current students."
   Eric Nathan Primack, Biochemistry, Class of 2023, Outstanding Peer Mentor

If Interested in This Program, Contact:

Olivia Mendoza
Phone: (520) 621-3868