Doug Loy*

Accepting Students
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Chemical Sciences Building, Room 432

Preferred Method of Contact: Email

Degrees and Appointments 

  • M.S. 1986, Northern Arizona University
  • Ph.D. 1991, University of California, Irvine
  • Technical Staff 1991-2003, Sandia National Labs
  • Technical Staff 2003-2005, Los Alamos National LabsAdjunct Professor 2001-2005, University of New Mexico

Specialties: Energy Science, Instrument Development, Materials and Polymer Chemistry, Surface and Solid State, Synthesis/Synthetic Methods Development

Research and Publications

Research Description

Fuel Cell Electrolyte Membranes: The goal of our fuel cell membrane research is a cheap, easily processed, oxidatively stable, proton conducting membrane with high glass transition temperature and tailorable gas permeabilities. We have recently (with C. Cornelius & Cy Fujimoto at Sandia National Labs) developed a class of sulfonated polyarylenes (Figure 1) as polymeric electrolytes with excellent proton conductivity, thermal stability, mechanical properties and chemical stability.1 The polymer electrolytes were prepared by a Diels-Alder polymerization followed by sulfonation. Hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells built with these membranes out-performed fuel cells built with commercially available membranes.