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John Kyndt speaks at the Universidad de Conception

August, 2012

Translated from
"Emprendedor de U. de Arizona dictó charla en la Ude"
CPanorama UdeC

In the search for new ways of generating renewable energy, many countries spend large amounts of money, mainly at universities, to develop projects seeking change agents, people with grand ideas that can ensure quality plans for the optimal development of the people.

Therefore, the Vice Presidency of Research and Development at the University of Concepción, partnered with IdeaIncuba BioBio Pacyt, invited Dr. John Kyndt, prominent professor who created, along with Akash Jain and Mauricio Torres-Benavides, Reko Global Water (RGW), a seed company to export water from Chile to India.

Dr. Kyndt is research assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona, as well as development manager RGW, a company funded by the Chilean government to generate research through StartUpChile executed by Corfo InnovaChile. This program seeks to attract world-class entrepreneurs in the early stages of research who can subsequently start their own business in our country.

His talk addressed how to make an innovative project, how to follow key steps in finding a product and / or service that is geared toward the needs of people, the target audience. He also spoke on problem analysis, business models, and local industry.

Regarding the project, Dr. Kyndt said that "many scientific inventions are made every day, but few reach the marketing level. Sometimes the discovery has potential, but it needs to be developed. Sometimes the market is not ready for it but often the inventors do not know the path to follow in order to turn these inventions into economically viable products."