Jackie Choi Receives ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

Feb. 26, 2024
Jackie Cho
Congratulations to Jackie Choi, who was selected as the 2024 Undergraduate Awardee in Physical Chemistry. The Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society award recognizes outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in physical chemistry and encourages further pursuits in the field.

“I am a senior at the UA majoring in biochemistry, class of 2025. I chose to incorporate an MCB minor into my major as the classes overlapped and I enjoyed learning about the particulars of that subject. I was also a preceptor for MCB during my junior year. Since then, I have continued to preceptor in other science-based classes, where I learned more about the different research groups at UA. I was first introduced to research through UBRP and am now in the Oliver Monti Lab, where I work on ab initio calculations to develop insights into key parameters that enable tailoring molecular wires for single-molecule electronics. I am also a CBC Ambassador and Peer Mentor.”