Caroline Coppinger Selected as CBC's Student of the Month of October

Nov. 2, 2022
Caroline Coppinger and Andre Oropeza collage

Congratulations to Caroline Coppinger who was selected to be CBC's Student of the Month of October!

Caroline was nominated by Andre Oropeza. Here's what Andre had to say:

"Caroline Coppinger has been my supervisor since I started working in Dr. Xiong’s lab. She is a kind individual and has taught me valuable lessons such as the importance of taking good notes in the laboratory and how a laboratory should properly function. In addition, Caroline is really knowledgeable, and if I ever feel confused or I have the need to ask questions, she doesn’t hesitate to give me a thorough explanation. If she feels that I don’t understand her explanation, she changes her approach to answer my questions and will even create drawings and models that I find easy to understand."

Send Olivia Mendoza the name of the CBC student you would like to nominate, your name, and a paragraph that explains what makes this student worthy of this recognition. We look forward to reading your nominations!

Olivia Mendoza