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Matt Cordes, Vahe Bandarian, and Greta Binford Receive Project Award from BIO5 Institute

January, 2012


The BIO5 Institute is proud to announce that, from the applications received in response to the July 2011 request for pilot project proposals that span fields relevant to biological sciences, eight proposals have been identified for funding.

Each of the following projects complements BIO5’s mission to encourage and support life scientists to engage in multidisciplinary collaborative relationships and to develop novel ideas that are still unfunded but have as a primary goal to solve complex biological problems. The Institute will dedicate roughly $600,000 for one year for these researchers to perform the crucial experiments needed to obtain further support.

Representing the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with a successful project are:

Matthew Cordes (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Vahe Bandarian (Chemistry & Biochemistry), and Greta Binford (Biology):
Functional diversity of brown spider venom toxins

Matt Cordes
Matthew Cordes
Vahe Bandarian
Vahe Bandarian
Greta Binford
Greta Binford


The remaining successful projects and their key investigators are:

Judith X. Becerra (Department of Biosphere 2) & Noah Whiteman (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology):
Symbiosis and Chemistry: The Key to Heteropteran Diversification?

Leonard (Dan) Latt (Orthopedic Surgery), Russell Witte (Radiology), John Szivek (Orthopedic Surgery), Mihra Talijanovic (Radiology):
Ultrasound elasticity imaging for the diagnosis of human PTTD

Lilei Peng (Optical Sciences), Bradley Davidson (Molecular & Cellular Biology):
Cellular tomography of signal pathways during early heart development

Linda Powers (Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering), Richard Ziolkowski (Electrical & Computer Engineering and Optical Sciences), Roberto Guzman (Chemical & Environmental Engineering), and Walter Ellis Jr. (Biomedical Engineering):
Pathogen Diagnostics Based on Ligand Coated Active Nanoparticles

Theodore Price (Pharmacology), Gregory Dussor (Pharmacology), and Joseph Vagner (BIO5):
AMPK activators for the treatment of post-surgical pain

Marvin Slepian (Sarver Heart Center & Biomedical Engineering) and Jeong-Yeol Yoon (Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering):
Nanotexured particle-ligand ensembles for enhanced stent endothelialization

Donata Vercelli (Cellular & Molecular Medicine) and Jannine Strempel (Arizona Respiratory Center):
Human induced pluripotent stem cell-based models