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Majors, Minors, Degrees, and Course Guides

Majors - Checklist & Sample 4-year Plans

The check-lists below are for planning purposes only, not to replace the official UA Academic Program Requirement Reports for the degrees. Official requirement reports for each catalog year can be found in the | UA general catalog |. Be sure to select your catalog year as requirements may change from year to year.

Minors - BIOC or CHEM

Appointments for BIOC or CHEM minors are not necessary as most questions can be answered during drop-in hours or via email. If you still have questions after consulting the requirements, contact an advisor.

If you have multiple programs (degree plans), please specify which one should have the minor. 

Please note that some programs have double dipping policies that make a minor in Chemistry or Biochemistry difficult. Please check with your major advisor regarding their double dipping policies.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available in the General Catalog. Typical offerings may not always be perfectly up-to-date. The Guest Class Schedule shows current offerings. Please contact an advisor for questions on semester specific offerings and other course questions. Students can view the Schedule of Classes in their UAccess Student Center.