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Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of the natural and synthetic substances that constitute the world around us. The discipline of Biochemistry uses chemistry as a tool to examine and explore the processes of life. Biochemical and chemical knowledge provides an underpinning for many disciplines including medicine, agriculture, and engineering. The questions that biochemists and chemists address encompass many critical challenges that humans face today.

"I loved being a biochemistry major and apart of the CBC department here at the U of A. The advisors, professors, and students are supportive and great! My biochemistry classes expanded my knowledge and research skills so that I could apply them to the research lab I am currently working in. Next year I will be a medical student at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson." 
Kiera Blawn
Biochemistry & Molecular and Cellular Biology, Class of 2020

"The CBC department at UArizona is one of the best! There is overwhelming support from the faculty and fellow students to help students achieve their goals. I am so beyond proud to call myself a wildcat and even prouder that I got to do it as a CBC student. I am attending University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Fall 2020 to begin working on my PhD in Cancer Biology. Bear Down!"
Isabella Brown 
Biochemistry & Molecular and Cellular Biology, Class of 2020

“Through my unforgettable experiences in the UA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, I rediscovered and solidified my passion for the chemical sciences and advancing human health with molecular research. In particular, I'm glad to have been offered unique opportunities to become involved in undergraduate research at the U of A, as well as an array of diverse classes with an exciting, hands-on approach to learning. The CBC Department has helped me build a strong foundation in scientific research that I couldn't have imagined coming in as a freshman, which will prepare me very well for the next stage of my life as I enter a PhD program in Chemistry at Stanford University.”
Steven Fried
Biochemistry, Chemistry and Math, Class of 2020

“The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry helped me identify and develop a passion for biological research. The coursework, along with the research requirements, allowed me to explore both scientific theory and scientific practice. With a strong background in biological fundamentals and scientific research, I will be entering an PhD program in biomedical sciences starting fall 2019 at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.”
Emma Harrell
Biochemistry & Molecular and Cellular Biology, Class of 2019

“I have grown tremendously over the past four years at the U of A and have changed my course of direction multiple times! I was always jealous of other students who knew exactly what they wanted to do since day one of school. But as I quickly learned, sometimes it’s okay to not know exactly what your next step will be – sometimes you just have to trust and enjoy the journey. After 3 years of changing majors, I found my home in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. I participated in the peer mentor program and made some of my best friends while precepting for various chemistry courses. I am excited to say that I will be attending Mayo Clinic’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in Rochester, Minnesota starting this August. I hope to specialize in working with athletes as well as pursue clinical research during my three years at Mayo.”
Lauren Phillips
Biochemistry & Nutritional Sciences, Class of 2020