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Dr. Harold McNair Staff Award

Dr. Harold McNair is a Professor Emeritus of Analytical Chemistry ats Virginia Tech University. He was a pioneer in the development of gas phase and liquid phase chromatography as analytical techniques. McNair received his BS in Chemistry at the University of Arizona (1955) and his PhD in Chemistry from Purdue University (1959). His work has received numerous awards, and he is widely celebrated as an outstanding author, teacher, and mentor. In 2008, he was invited to the University of Arizona to receive an honorary alumni award from the Department of Chemistry. During his visit, McNair interacted with Chemistry staff members and was impressed by their depth, talent, and dedication. McNair proposed giving an annual monetary award for 20 years as a recognition of staff members who, because of their outstanding service, make CBC a better place for all. With gratitude for his generosity, we establish this award in his honor.

The McNair Staff Award honors CBC staff members who have dedicated service to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Winners are recognized for exceptional performance, making them valued and knowledgeable employees of the Department.
  • Candidate is a CBC staff member (classified or appointed personnel) with at least 0.5 FTE in CBC.
  • Candidate has been employed with CBC for 1+ years as of March 1 of the nominating year.
  • Candidate has not received the McNair Staff Award in the last 3 years; prior recipients become eligible again to receive the award in the 4th year.
  • Candidate is not a postdoc or faculty member.
  • Candidate is not on employment probation.

Click here to view the 2019 list of eligible staff members.

Award Amount
This award honors staff members for their exemplary service to the CBC Department during their years of service, with special emphasis on their contributions in the previous academic year. Each year, up to three awards of $1,000 each will be given to the individual staff members who best meet the nomination criteria (see the nomination forms and instructions for details).
Selection Process
A call for nominations will go out in the Spring Semester. Nomination packets for the Harold McNair Staff Award will be vetted by the McNair Selection Committee in order to formulate recommendations for the CBC Department Head who will make the final selection. The awardees will be announced at the Departmental Breakfast in August each year. CBC faculty, staff and students may submit nominations.

Click here to view the 2019 Nomination Policies & Guidelines.

Previous Recipients
  • Olivia Mendoza, Makayla Rascon, & Kathleen Ryan, 2019
  • Megan Cunnington, Laura Lustro, & Lan Diep Vu, 2018
  • Andrei Astachkine, Martin Marquez II & Ellie Warder, 2016
  • Michael Morris & Beth Vinson, 2015
  • L. Dionne Johnson & Steve Brown, 2014
  • Amanda Wentzel & Scott Dreisbach, 2013
  • Mary Griffin & Max Yslas, 2012
  • Lori Boyd, Laura Lustro, Olivia Mendoza and Anne Padias, 2011
  • Sujeewa Perrera & Malik Hawkins, 2010


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