Thomas Gianetti

Assistant Professor

Classification: Faculty 

Degrees and Appointments

  • B.S and M.Sc., 2009, CPE Lyon, France

  • Ph.D., 2014, University of California, Berkeley

  • Postdoctorate Fellow, 2014 - 2017, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

  • Assistant Professor, 2017, University of Arizona                                         

Field of Study: Inorganic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry

Awards and Honors

  • ETH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2015 -2017

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, UC Berkeley, 2012

  • Howard W. Crandall Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2010

  • Glaxo Smith Klein Organic Synthesis Award, CPE Lyon, 2007

  • Research Specialties: Chemical Reaction Dynamics/Kinetics/Interactions​, Energy Science, Spectroscopy/Molecular Structure, Synthesis/Synthetic Methods Development, Theory, Modeling, and Simulation


Our research targets the synthesis of novel organometallic species, through ligand design, that will tackle the most challenging reactions of our century. On one hand, novel species that involve metal - carbocation Z interaction, and late – late transition metal bimetallic will be synthesized, studied at the fundamental level and used as homogeneous catalyst for CO2 conversion, N2 and CH activations. On the other hand, new methodology in anode synthesis will be developed in order to obtain highly effective and well-defined electrodes for energy production using Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells.

Students in my group will receive rigorous training in organic and inorganic synthesis, air-sensitive organometallic synthesis and in solid-state synthetic methods, along homogenous, heterogeneous and electro catalysis. A broad range of physical methods will be used and learned by the members of my team, including single crystal and powder X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and multinuclear NMR, UV/vis, IR, EPR, and X-ray absorption spectroscopies, as well as cyclic voltammetry.

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Organometallic-Inorganic and Organic Synthesis-Small Molecule Activation-Homogeneous Catalysis-Kinetic Analysis-Mechanistic Study