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Submitting Samples to PES

Submitting Samples

Researchers from the Department of Chemistry, other departments at The University of Arizona, or external researchers can submit samples for gas phase photoelectron spectroscopy. Before submitting a sample contact Dr. Dennis Lichtenberger ( to discuss what information you wish to obtain from these experiments and any special sample handling required.

Photoelectron spectroscopy is a destructive technique and can require rather large samples. At least 10 mg of each sample must be provided, and samples of 50+ mg may be required for some experiments.

The schedule for data collection depends upon the experimental load at the Facility. Internal samples take priority over all external samples. It may take a few weeks or longer after an external sample is submitted before it can be analyzed.


A cost-sharing fee is charged only for the instrument time used during data collection. This fee helps to offset maintenance and overhead costs for operation of the facility instrumentation. Analysis and interpretation of data, preparation of figures for publications or presentations, and help in writing manuscripts for publication are provided as a collaboration with Facility personnel.

Publication of Results

Facility personnel must be either included as a co-author or acknowledged, whichever is appropriate, upon publication of results. A reprint of any published manuscript should be supplied to Dr Dennis Lichtenberger for Facility records.