About the PES Facility

The Center for Gas-Phase Electron Spectroscopy is a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility within the Chemistry Department at The University of Arizona. The focus of research in the Center is investigation of the electronic structure of large molecules by gas-phase photoelectron spectroscopy.

The diverse scope of the individual research projects carried out in the Facility requires instruments with a broad range of capabilities for current problems, durability to a large number of chemical samples with different chemical behavior, and flexibility to adapt to future research directions of Departmental faculty and the many external collaborators. Instrumentation in the Center includes two photoelectron spectrometers, each with a 36 cm, McPherson hemispherical electron kinetic energy analyzer and custom designed sample entry, ionization sources, and detection and control electronics. 

Experimental techniques have been developed that allow manipulation of samples that are extremely air, moisture, light, and thermally sensitive.  Sample entry and sublimation areas have been customized so that samples with sublimation temperatures up to 500˚C can be analyzed.

As the only site in the United States that currently has capabilities for gas-phase photoelectron spectroscopy of large neutral molecules, the Center has a strong commitment to collaborative research efforts with external researchers. In recent years the Center has collaborated with over 50 domestic and international research groups.