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Glass Shop

The Glassblowing Facility is a full-service shop primarily engaged in the design and fabrication of specialized scientific glassware as well as repairs and modifications of existing glassware


The glassblowing facility has on-hand virtually all sizes of borosilicate (Pyrex, Kimax) glass tubing ranging in size from 2 millimeter up to 178 millimeter in diameter. All sizes of commonly used ground glass joints and a large selection of both glass and Teflon stopcocks are maintained in a large inventory. Smaller selections of quartz tubing are also maintained in stock. Special items can be ordered if necessary.

Bench, lathe, and stationary rack work

  • graded seals
  • glass-to-metal seals
  • oil diffusion pumps
  • quartz dewars (window and finger)
  • glass-to-ceramic
  • quartz UV optical cells

High vacuum techniques

  • working knowledge of vacuum gauges
  • leak detection techniques.

Vacuum rack designing, application of glass-to-metal couplings

  • 7¼-inch bore glassblowing lathe
  • Glass cut-off machine
  • Belt sander
  • Pyrex annealing oven
  • Drill press