Victor Hruby

Regents Professor Emeritus - Retired
Hruby smiling

Chemical Sciences Building, Room 314

Degrees and Appointments: 

  • B.S. 1960, University of North Dakota
  • M.S. 1962, University of North Dakota
  • Ph.D. 1965, Cornell University

Research Specialities: Astrobiology and Astrochemistry, Bioanalytical, Bioorganic, Biophysics, Chemical Biology, Chemical Reaction Dynamics/Kinetics/Interactions​, Metabolism, Signaling, and Regulation, Protein and Membrane Biochemistry, Spectroscopy/Molecular Structure, Structural Biology, Surface and Solid State, Synthesis/Synthetic Methods Development, Theory, Modeling, and Simulation

Awards and Honors:

  • Murray Goodman Scientific Excellence & Mentorship Award, 2011
  • Arizona Technology Innovator of the Year, 2009
  • Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, ACS, 2009
  • Ralph F. Hirschmann Award, ACS, 2002
  • Pierce (now Merrifield) Award in Peptide Science, APS, 1993
  • Doctor Honorus Causa, Free University of Brussels, 1989