Andrei Sanov*

Accepting Students

Preferred Method of Contact: Email

Degrees and Appointments 

  • M.S. (Physics & Math), 1992, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry), 1996, University of Southern California
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-1999, JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder

Specialties: Chemical Physics, Chemical Reaction Dynamics/Kinetics/Interactions​, Instrument Development, Spectroscopy/Molecular Structure, Theory Modeling and Simulation, Ultrafast Spectroscopy

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Research Description

Our research focuses on experimental probes of the electronic structure of atomic, molecular and cluster anions, as well as the corresponding neutral species. Our experiments offer an in-depth look at molecular bonding motifs and reactivity, made possible by photoelectron imaging spectroscopy. Read More