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BIOC 384 – Foundations in Biochemistry

Fundamental concepts in physical biochemistry (energy conversion, water, and membranes), protein structure/function, methods in protein biochemistry, enzyme mechanisms, protein-mediated cell signaling, and fundamental energy conversion pathways.

This course is designed for undergraduate students with majors in any of the Life Sciences and other pre-professional health science students.  Bioc 384 is the companion course to Bioc 385 “Metabolic Biochemistry.” Note that it is possible to take them out of sequence since Bioc 384 is not the prerequisite for Bioc 385.

Recommended Prerequisites

MCB 181R (Biology)
CHEM 152 (General Chemistry)
CHEM 241A (Organic Chemistry)
A prerequisite waiver can be an option

Required Textbook

Miesfeld & McEvoy Biochemistry, available at the UA bookstore and online.
Bioc 384 Course syllabus (Summer 2019)

Course Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency with vocabulary used in biochemistry.
  • Describe energy conversion processes and the role of membranes in biochemistry.
  • Describe the structure of nucleic acids and core methods in nucleic acid and protein biochemistry.
  • Explain the principles of oxygen transport and protein transport across biological membranes.
  • Describe the catalytic properties, kinetics, and allosteric regulation of metabolic enzymes.
  • Understand the key differences between four major signal transduction pathways in eukaryotes.
  • Describe the enzymatic reactions and bioenergetics of glucose metabolism.

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