Teaching Assistant Spotlight: Hannah Schmidt

Feb. 19, 2024
Hannah Schmidt

"My name is Hannah Schmidt, and I'm a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Aspinwall group. I currently TA for CHEM 182 and CHEM 401A. For 182, I teach a lab section of general chemistry for CBC or Engineering majors, and for 401A, I assist with note-taking and grading for instrumental analysis.

My favorite part of research is communicating my work to others, and that parallels nicely with teaching, where I get to share my passion for chemistry with students. I especially love CHEM 181 and 182, because the labs are designed to teach students real-world research skills like titrations, solution preparations, and calibration curves while giving them hands-on experience with relevant instrumentation like NMR and FTIR. I have a lot of freedom to develop my own way of teaching these concepts, and I appreciate the opportunity to exercise my creativity."