Raydon Tran selected as the Pharmaceutical Sciences Outstanding Senior and a Dr. John Lee Compton Scholar

May 6, 2024
Raydon Tran
Congratulations to Raydon Tran who was selected as the Pharmaceutical Sciences Outstanding Senior and as a Dr. John Lee Compton Scholar.

Raydon Tran is a senior graduating with an Honors degree in Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. He has been in the Lemos Lab since his junior year. He is honored to be the recipient of Exploratory Mini-Grants funded by Dr. Compton (and the recipient of the 2024 BSPS Outstanding Senior Award). His project is to investigate the relationship between environmental and industrial heavy metals on human health, specifically cadmium and human bronchial cells, focusing on observing proliferation, ribosomal DNA copy number change, ribosomal DNA methylation, and nucleolar fragmentation.

The Dr. John Lee Compton Scholarship has significantly financially supported Raydon in his project, which provided him with high-quality laboratory supplies and equipment to conduct experiments that required low errors. After graduation, Raydon will take a gap year to apply to pharmacy school. Concurrently, he will continue working as a pharmacy technician and research assistant in Dr. Jeannie Lee’s clinical trials. He is grateful for his time at the University of Arizona, where he met lots of talented people and was guided and mentored by dedicated faculties.