October is LGBTQ+ History Month!

Oct. 11, 2022
Image of various LGBTQ+ chemical scientists in history

The month of October is LGBTQ+ History month!

LGBTQ+ chemists have been contributors to the chemical sciences throughout the years. However, it was not, and still isn't, safe in some environments for these scientists to be openly out and proud of their identities.

LGBTQ+ chemists have contributed to our understanding of the impact chemicals can have on the environment (Rachel Carson), porphyrin physics (Martin Gouterman), synthesis of nitrenes (Gregory Hillhouse) among other developments in the field. Most recently, the first out LGBTQ+ was the recipient of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi!

To read more about LGBTQ+ chemists through history, follow these links:

Read more about Carolyn Bertozzi and this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry below:

If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community and are interested in participating in a article spotlighting the LGBTQ+ chemists in our department (faculty, staff, and students all welcome), please reach out to Katie Martin (they/them) (kpmartin@arizona.edu) for more information.