Fall 2022 CBC Outstanding Senior

Nov. 9, 2022
Photo of Sophia von Hippel

Congratulations to Sophia von Hippel, selected as the Fall 2022 CBC Outstanding Senior!

Sophia von Hippel is from Anchorage, Alaska. She is a passionate traveler, hiker, and gardener.

At the University of Arizona, Sophia studied chemistry and completed an honors thesis project to identify aryl hydrocarbon receptor-active metabolites in firefighter urine samples through an untargeted metabolomics approach.

Additionally, Sophia completed a semester-long full-time internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, where she developed a training data set for a neural network model to identify ship tracks from infrared satellite imagery. This work is published in the journal Science Advances.

Sophia plans to pursue a PhD in sustainable chemistry starting fall of 2023. In her free time, Sophia trains jiu jitsu and seeks outdoor adventure; last summer, Sophia traveled to Spain alone and hiked 687 km across Spain.



Our very own Sophia von Hippel was highlighted again after being named Outstanding Senior. In an article run by the College of Science on November 28th, Sophia participated in a question-and-answer piece with topics ranging from research projects to post graduation plans.

Read the full article here.