Dr. Huxter Receives the NSF Career Award

Jan. 9, 2023
photo of Assistant Professor Vanessa Huxter

Congratulations to Dr. Vanessa Huxter for being awarded the NSF Career Award from the National Science Foundation!

The $650,000 award will provide five years of funding to study photoinduced single-electron transfer in photoredox catalytic systems using optical spectroscopy across a wide range of time and energy scales.

This research will identify the driving forces and intermediate states for photoredox catalytic reactions, which could open pathways to design new, efficient catalysts. The award will also support the development and deployment of 3D-printed spectrometers that will bring hands-on learning to students from historically underrepresented groups.


February 2023 Update:

COS Highlights Dr. Huxter's Award - "my research group and I will be able to explore how light can drive chemical reactions."

Dr. Huxter's work in the laboratory continues to draw attention, this time from the College of Science (COS) in a new article titled, "Vanessa Huxter receives NSF Career Award to shine light on chemical reactions."

CBC Department Head Dr. Aspinwall is quoted in the article saying, "We are very excited that Dr. Huxter has received this significant recognition of her innovative research and outreach program, which also serves as a platform for student training and education."