Congratulations to Md Mubarak Hossain who was selected as a Carl S. Marvel Memorial Scholar for '22-'23

Sept. 7, 2022
Hossain smiling

Congratulations Md Mubarak Hossain on being selected as 1 of 2 winners of the Carl S. Marvel Memorial Scholar for '22-'23!

What a great achievement, with more undoubtedly yet to come.  Here's some insight into Md Mubarak's background:

"I grew up in the heart of the capital city Dhaka in Bangladesh. After receiving my Bachelor of Pharmacy, I pursued my Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Dhaka. During my Master’s research on natural product chemistry I realized my passion for organic chemistry. Following the completion of my Master’s I decided to move on to pursue my PhD in the discipline of organic synthesis at the University of Arizona. For my graduate research, I joined the Gianetti lab in November 2018 and currently in my 5th year working for Dr. Thomas Gianetti. Here, a major part of my research is focused on photocatalysis; in simple term exploiting energy from light to accomplish challenging organic transformations.

At present, I am working on to develop new photocatalytic systems and methodologies that will give access to previously inaccessible substrates resulting straightforward simplification of existing synthetic protocols. Besides, I am working on to understand the Lewis acidic behavior of a triaryl carbenium system from the perspective of organometallic chemistry. I am also involved in the development of organic redox flow storage cells to introduce a green approach in the energy storage platform.

Other than my research, I am an avid follower of European football and like to play on the field or on the computer, wherever possible. Reading, cooking, and photography are my leisure activities if not watching football.

I am feeling very honored to be a recipient of the Carl S. Marvel Fellowship and heartily thank the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. As a Carl S. Marvel fellow, I will be able to attend and present my research in some prestigious conferences such as Gordon Research Conference. I aspire to see myself as an academic researcher in future. Hence, it’s always appealing to me to get such opportunity to network and discuss my work with experts in photocatalysis, as well as to learn about the concurrent research developments. Moreover, I am an international graduate student to be awarded this fellowship. I expect that will inspire all the other diverse student bodies to pursue their aspirations and foster the diversity and inclusion within our community.

Overall, I consider this fellowship as the outset of future endeavor in my academic career."