Ashley Wellington: Awarded the UA Bridge Tuition Scholarship, Set to Graduate this May with Biochemistry Degree

April 19, 2024
Ashley Wellington
Congratulations to Ashley Wellington, who received the UA Bridge Tuition Scholarship and will be graduating this May 2024.

"It was wonderful to receive the UA Bridge Tuition Scholarship for the last 2 years from the University of Arizona's Transfer Program. I am originally from Gilbert, Arizona which allowed me to attend my local community colleges during my first two years of undergrad in Biochemistry. I had wanted to go to the UofA long before this but my plan was delayed due to the 2020 graduation complications, so I was extremely happy to still have scholarship opportunities waiting for me when I re-applied. I am now part of the Biochemistry program finishing my final year of school. My current endeavor is to finish strong with my Senior Thesis project in Professor Roberto Guzman's research lab, which involves liposomal drug nano-carriers for cancer therapy. I am ever so grateful for my transfer decision as I was able to continue my last two years with the UA Bridge Tuition Scholarship intact, and even maintain connections with other transfer students at UofA.

I will be graduating with a Biochemistry BS Degree this May. I was accepted into the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Aurora, Colorado. I am pursuing my Doctor of Pharmacy degree, which is another 4-year program. It is my top school of choice with it being within the top 15% of pharmacy schools in the nation. I also received the University of Colorado Scholarship upon acceptance into the program. All of my work at the UofA within biochemistry, and even my thesis which involved pharmaceutical interest has helped my journey. I could never be more excited moving forward!"