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James Santasiere - West Coast Paintball Players League Tournament

One of my many hobbies is playing paintball. For me, paintball has created an outlet for me to get-away from the real world. When involved in paintball enough, it can bring you many benefits such as meeting new people and traveling far places. This year paintball has brought me to California for some tournaments. The third event for the West Coast Paintball Players League (WCPPL) was in Oceanside California. There are many leagues and many ways to play paintball but the WCPPL is one of the most competitive and fun styles of paintball.

Unfortunately, I did not have a team to play with this tournament but going for the experience was worth it alone. I was able to watch the best players in the United States and my favorite team play tournament paintball. Something that I really appreciated along my trip was the community that was at the tournament. Paintballers always love spreading the sport and showing everybody how fun of a hobby it can be. Every team I asked let me help them in the “pits” whether it was just to refill paint or to refill air in their tanks. They were all extremely kind and gave great advice for both on and off the field.

In 2017, I plan on traveling to Chicago to play in the largest paintball event for three days straight called Living Legends. Over 2,000 people go to play this event over acres of land. Not only do they play paintball but they have a party and fun games for everybody to enjoy time on and off the field. Paintball will also bring me to Florida in 2018 for paintball’s World Cup! Last year, 400 teams competed to see who could rise to the top and be the best in each of their respected divisions.

Overall, I’ve been playing paintball for three years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It has brought me many friends and many experiences. It has taught me life lessons and brought me too many destinations. Eventually, it will take me all over the world and I cannot be more excited for that.