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Dr. Adam M. Daly

Assistant Professor of Practice

Degrees and Appointments

  • B.S. in Chemistry and Physics from Humboldt State University
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Arizona
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Universidad de Valladolid
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: California Institute of Technology

Awards and Honors

  • SAACS Outstanding Teaching Assistant 2006

My research involves the connection of molecular structure and dymanics to the observed microwave spectrum of molecules in the gas phase.  Currently I am working with  the Kukolich group at the University of Arizona and Grupo Espectrocopia Molecular in Valladolid, Spain. 

Why gas phase?

The gas phase offers a powerful, isolated view of the molecular system  to study  structure and dynamics.  In the case of molecules in the interstellar medium, these conditions ideally replicate the native environments and we can record frequencies in the laborartories that astronomers can detect.

Why microwaves?

Microwave spectroscopy offers one of the highest resolutions possible in gas phase spectroscopy.  The technique is ideally suited for the detection and analysis of isotopic substitution, excited vibrational states, nuclear spin-electron distribution interactions and dipole moment determination.  Each microwave spectrum acts like a molecular fingerprint and can uniquely identify molecules in rather cluttered spectral environments due to the high resolution and specific relationships to the structure of the molecule.

Time domain signal (pink) and Frequency domain signal (blue) give accurate data to construct the gas phase structure and electronic environment.  This spectrum is the gas phase dimer of Formic Acid - Formamide.


How do we do it?

Microwave spectroscopy can be run in two modes: emission or absorption.  Each type of experiment has specialized equipment that relates a detected frequency with an energy level of the molecule. 

Figures:  (Left)  Direct absorption rotational spectroscopy and (Right) Pulsed Beam Microwave Fourier Transform Spectroscopy


Currently, interesting molecular stuctures of B-N complexes and organometallic dimers are being investigated that probe our ability to accurately characterize the gas phase structures such as





Our group is actively recruting interested undergraduates/graduates to engage in research in the areas of Molecular Structure, Instrument Development, Inorganic Synethesis.  Please contact me at adaly@email.arizona.edu for more details.




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