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Undergraduate Research

The College of Science believes that you learn science by doing science.

In keeping with the philosophy of the College of Science, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry encourages all students to become involved with research on some level. By providing undergraduates with many opportunities to participate, through credit courses, paid positions, and a wide range of research areas, we feel there is something for everyone!

One of the primary advantages of attending a major university is the opportunity to participate in internationally recognized research programs. As well as giving you the opportunity to explore research as a possible career option, you will work with professional colleagues in what often becomes a lifelong professional relationship.

Benefits of Research

Connection to faculty! Your research director becomes your advisor and often your mentor and provides you with information on job opportunities, different graduate programs and various professional schools.

Your participation in research develops and testifies to your independence of thought. Being an original thinker is a highly desirable trait in a scientist.

Exit interviews conducted with graduating seniors indicate that students who have participated in research early in their undergraduate career are better prepared for senior level courses, and are better able to connect and retain the concepts presented.

Employers, graduate programs and professional schools will usually request letters of recommendation and/or telephone calls from your research director. Having a faculty member who knows your accomplishments and experience is beneficial when competing for these positions.

When you go to interviews, your research activities may become the central focus of the interview.

More than likely, if you conduct research you will be presenting your findings either orally or in poster format. Being able to convey scientific to the general public as well as other scientists is a highly valuable skill.