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PhD Program in Biochemistry

Program Overview

The Ph.D. program at UA prepares high-achieving students for senior research positions in industry or government laboratories, or a career in college-level or university-level teaching and research. The department and University are particularly renowned for the many interdisciplinary research opportunities.

The Doctor of Philosophy with a major in biochemistry is a research degree. The number and selection of courses is tailored to the individual student's needs and interests according to the guidelines available from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This prepares students for the dissertation research.

Programs of Study

PhD Program in Biochemistry


A feature of the biochemistry Ph.D. track is that students undertake three laboratory rotations (two in the Fall and one in the Spring) prior to choosing a dissertation advisor. These rotations allow the student to gain experience in laboratory research, as well as giving them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the research of faculty in the Department. Toward the end of the Spring semester students are asked to identify a dissertation advisor, from among the faculty that they rotated with, who will guide their research.