Patrick M. Hefferan Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Patrick M. Hefferan Memorial Scholarship Endowment has been established by Ms. Anne Shotton in loving memory of her late husband, Mr. Patrick M. Hefferan. Born in Seattle and raised in Phoenix, Mr. Hefferan graduated from the University of Arizona in 1970 with a B.S. in Chemistry. He served as a U.S. Army Officer from 1970 to 1972, earning the Bronze Star in Viet Nam. He retired in 2014 after working for more than 40 years in the technology industry in Texas, New Jersey, Minnesota, and North Carolina. He passed away in 2015.
Most scholarships are due in Spring. To learn more about UArizona Scholarships visit: Scholarship Universe.

The recipient must be a current undergraduate student with financial need who is enrolled full-time at The University of Arizona pursuing a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Applicants will be asked to complete an application form for scholarship consideration that includes a statement of financial need.

The Department Head will appoint a scholarship selection committee composed of members of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The committee will evaluate applications based on the eligibility criteria above. The award recipient is eligible for renewal consideration if the student continues to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as defined by the eligibility criteria.


October Owen

Christian Viramontes (Spring 2024)



October Owen

Sophye Carrizales



Giang Huong Pham