Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

Each College of Science department may nominate ONE graduating senior who has shown outstanding achievement in independent, undergraduate research for the College of Science Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. The nominee will receive your departmental Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award to be presented at the College of Science Awards Event. The CoS Awards Committee will select the CoS Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award recipient from among the departmental nominees.

In recognition of the fact that different disciplines have different academic and research cultures, departments are free to define their own criteria for selecting their nominees.  In general, the student’s work should be a significant contribution and show originality, creativity, and a level of independence appropriate to the discipline.

In nominating their outstanding senior for the College of Science Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award, the nomination letter should address the independence and/or initiative exhibited by the student; the significance of the research (for example, contribution to knowledge base, significance of the problem, novelty of the research idea, and/or impact on the discipline); and the creativity and/or level of skill (for example, technical, analytical, interpretive, programming, communication, and/or resourcefulness) shown by the student in conducting the research.

It is not intended that this award will duplicate the Outstanding Senior Award.  Although it is possible that both awards might be given to the same student, the criteria for this award do not include a GPA cutoff.

Most scholarships are due in Spring. To learn more about UArizona Scholarships visit: ScholarshipUniverse.

•    Clare Hotze, Spring 2024
•    Hillary Schiff, Spring 2023
•    Ciara Zak, Spring 2022
•    Daniel Robert Wieland, Spring 2021
•    Tommy Szeto, Spring 2020
•    Peter Tuohy, Spring 2019
•    Dane Evan D. Zambrano, Spring 2018
•    Celina Nguyen, Spring 2017
•    Brittany Forte, Spring 2015
•    Kevin Carlson, Spring 2014
•    Andrew Ma, Spring 2013
•    Michael Nelson, Fall 2012
•    Troy Comi, Spring 2012
•    Andrea Hartzell, Fall 2011

•    Kristen Roehling, Spring 2024
•    Jack Nichols, Spring 2023
•    Jason Kronenfeld, Spring 2021
•    Steven Fried,  Spring 2020
•    Katrina Konopka, Spring 2019
•    Joey DeGrandchamp, Spring 2017
•    Yvonne Wing -Yee NG, Spring 2015
•    Mei-Li Laracuente, Spring 2014
•    Spencer Carey, Spring 2013
•    Tarik Ozumerzifon, Spring 2012
•    Allena Goren, Fall 2011