Excellence Awards in Biochemistry

The goal of the Excellence Awards in the Biological Sciences Endowment is to provide the maximum benefit for students as they pursue a career involving scientific studies of the molecular basis of life.


This endowment was established by an anonymous donor, who would like to encourage and challenge others to consider this unique opportunity to demonstrate their value of education and contribute to this or similar scholarship endowments.


  • Any student who is a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior who will not graduate before May of the following year.
  • Students must submit the Excellence Awards in the Biological Sciences application, which includes providing a listing of their grades, the names of two faculty members to serve as references, an essay describing their interest and long-term goals, and a brief description state how they would benefit from this award. Academic standing will not be the only criterion considered.
  • The award amount is $1,000; the number of awards each year will vary.

Most scholarships are due in Spring. To learn more about UArizona Scholarships visit: ScholarshipUniverse.

Current Recipients

  • Michaela Ryan
  • Erin Schuette
  • Jaden Todd-Nelson


  • Caroline Coppinger
  • Heather Kwapiszeski
  • Sean Chen


  • Julie Fan
  • Shifat Hossain
  • Hayley Wondra


  • Julie Fan
  • Amanda Gong
  • Matheo Herrera
  • Kiah Sleiman


  • Amanda Gong
  • Jason Kronenfeld
  • Eric Lu
  • Daniel Wieland


  • Steven Fried
  • Meucci Ilunga
  • Amanda Warner
  • Daniel Wieland


  • Makayla Freitas
  • Steven Fried
  • David Lasansky
  • Tala B. Shahin


  • Steven Fried
  • Adam Knox
  • David Lasansky
  • Tala B. Shahin


  • Alexander Aydt
  • Elizabeth Brooks
  • Celina Nguyen
  • Benjamin Zaepfel


  • Trace Bartels
  • Ali Icenogle
  • Nicole Schwalbe
  • Benjamin Van Maren


  • Brittany Forte
  • Kaitlyn McLeod


  • Jorge Alvarez
  • Wesley Cai
  • Kevin Carlson