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Chemistry and Biochemistry Ambassador Program

Current CBC Ambassadors and Former CBC Ambassadors


Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC) Ambassadors are a select group of distinguished undergraduates who participate in Chemistry and Biochemistry events including undergraduate recruiting, convocation, orientation and outreach activities. CBC Ambassadors Usually juniors and seniors who are Chemistry and Biochemistry majors with a high level of academic achievement and some research experience.  Selection is by recruitment and or recommendations from advisors, peers and faculty.  

There is no formal training; you will learn as you go. This group is not a club, and everyone is equal. There are no officers. Ambassadors are to take note of all requests of upcoming CBC events throughout each academic year and volunteer to participate whenever feasible. We realize that there will be some times when an ambassador cannot participate due to prior commitments such as classes, exams, studying abroad, taking a major test such as the MCAT, PCAT, GRE, etc. Communication is usually sent by email from Olivia Mendoza, the coordinator for the program.

Maddie Morrow, Haley Krouskop, Olivia Mendoza, Emma Wu, Vivian Mendoza-LeonCBC Ambassadors will be able to answer general questions about the Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Program. Ambassadors will be generally knowledgeable about the activities offered by CBC.

This program is funded by the CBC department, so you will be provided with a CBC polo shirt and t-shirt. Lastly,  you will be given business cards that include your name and email. Ambassadors are invited to special events given by the department such as the annual breakfast, Oktoberfest picnic, and the awards/commencement program. Ambassadors will be recognized at CBC events, and we hold an ambassador appreciation event during the Spring semester. You will receive a collage photo of the ambassadors (photo taken early spring) and a certification of appreciation.

Additional benefits include interaction with the CBC faculty members, other students, and at times the faculty and staff of the College of Science as well as the University of Arizona administration.

All ambassadors are also automatically CBC Peer Mentors, which is a separate program within the department. Click here to get more information about the Peer Mentor Program.

You can also add the CBC Ambassador Program and the CBC Peer Mentor program to your resume/CV.