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October 3-Catalyst newsletter

Talanquer Research GroupCatalyst e-Newsletter, September 2020

Lab Visit


Catalyst e-Newsltter, July/August 2020



Eric Lu




Catalyst e-Newsletter, May/June 2020


John Pollard


Catalyst e-Newsletter, April 2020



Lucy ZiurysCatalyst e-Newsletter, March 2020







Craig AspinwallCatalyst e-Newsletter, February 2020






Jean-Luc BredasCatalyst e-Newsletter, January 2020






Roger Miesfeld UA GlobalCatalyst e-Newsletter, October 2019




Colleen Janczak and Craig AspinwallCatalyst e-Newsletter, September 2019





Jean-Luc Bredas

Catalyst e-Newsletter, August 2019






W. R. SalzmanCatalyst e-Newsletter, July, 2019





Jani IngramCatalyst e-Newsletter, June 2019







Andrei SanovCatalyst e-Newsletter, May 2019

Lucy ZiurysCatalyst e-Newsletter, April 2019







Kurt WuethrichCatalyst e-Newsletter, March 2019







Jeff PyunCatalyst e-Newsletter, February 2019






Schwartz and MiesfeldCatalyst e-Newsletter, January, 2019



VIctor Hruby on the Holida Video

Catalyst e-Newsletter, December 2018



Lucy Ziurys


Catalyst e-Newsletter, November 2018


Fall 2018 CatalystCatalyst e-Newsletter, October 2018

Wilma and WilburCatalyst e-Newsletter, August/September 2018

Fish at  Birch AquariumCatalyst e-Newsletter, July 2018

Fish at Birch AquariumCatalyst e-Newsletter, June 2018

Wolfgang Peti

Catalyst e-Newsletter, May 2018



Steve Schwartz



Catalyst e-Newsletter, April 2018

Roger MiesfeldCatalyst e-Newsletter, February/March 2018

Henry HallCatalyst e-Newsletter, January 2018

S. Scott SaavedraCatalyst e-Newsletter, December 2017

Jeff Pyun and Bob NorwoodCatalyst e-Newsletter, November 2017

Catalyst Cover Catalyst e-Newsletter, October 2017

Andrei SanovCatalyst e-Newsletter, September 2017

Roger MiesfeldCatalyst e-Newsletter, August 2017

Nam LeeCatalyst e-Newsletter, July 2017

Thomas TomasiakCatalyst e-Newsletter, June 2017

2017 Outstanding StudentsCatalyst e-Newsletter, May 2017

Thomas GianettiCatalyst e-Newsletter, April 2017

Olivia Mendoza and Gloria LeCatalyst e-Newsletter, March 2017

Douglas LoyCatalyst e-Newsletter, February 2017


Catalyst e-Newsletter, January 2017


Cornelius SteelinkCatalyst e-Newsletter, December 2016


Wolfgang Peti and Rebecca PageCatalyst e-Newsletter, July/August/September 2016


BlastOff! 2016 CampersCatalyst e-Newsletter, June 2016



2016 CBC Graduates with Wilbur WildcatCatalyst e-Newsletter, May 2016


Biochem ClubCatalyst e-Newsletter, April 2016

Michael MartyCatalyst e-Newsletter, March 2016

John JewettCatalyst e-Newsletter, January/February 2016

Dennis LichtenbergerCatalyst e-Newsletter, December 2015

Photo of dog dressed in pumpkin costumeCatalyst e-Newsletter, October/November 2015

Photo of Prof. Jeff PyunCatalyst e-Newsletter, September 2015


September 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, August 2015


June/July 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, June/July 2015


May 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, May 2015


April 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, April 2015


March 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, March 2015


February 2015 Electronic Catalyst Catalyst e-Newsletter, February 2015