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About Us

Welcome to our Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona!


We are a university-wide unit with staff and faculty in both the College of Science and the College of Medicine and students educated even more broadly. At a time when the boundaries between the traditional branches of knowledge are disappearing, as underlined by the Strategic Plan of our University, we are ideally positioned through our education, research, and outreach programs to tackle the grand challenges that our society faces.

Our world-class research addresses important topics in the chemical and biochemical sciences that require the integration of multiple disciplines, ranging from energy science and engineering, materials science and engineering, optical science, physics, computational science, biochemistry, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, drug discovery, structural biology, and molecular and cellular biology. Our research fuels our education activities: CBC offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry at all levels, from bachelor’s degrees to Ph.D’s.

The vision for our Department is to be a world leader in the chemical and biochemical sciences through cutting-edge education, research, and community impact that improve our understanding of the world and our quality of life.


Our mission is:

  • to promote a premier education and research environment that thrives in its diversity and enriches the lives of a vibrant community of students, staff, and faculty;

  • to develop rigorous and engaging curricula in the chemical and biochemical sciences to educate a 21st-century cohort of undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows via courses, research, and awakening to global issues;

  • to foster meaningful ties on a global stage;

  • to stimulate economic development in the State of Arizona through training a motivated workforce, translating research innovations to impactful technological developments, and building strong industrial ties; and

  • to contribute to a better public understanding of chemistry and biochemistry and support STEM education through engaging K-12 students and local community members


Our core values underlie our actions. They mean that, in all instances, we will:

  • be respectful of every member of our community;

  • have a fundamental appreciation that the diversity of the people in our department, and the diversity of their roles, make us stronger;

  • together, build a cohesive and supportive unit;

  • seek excellence and bring utmost integrity to everything we do;

  • be accountable and tolerate no complacency; and

  • make our teaching and research relevant and adaptable to the world around us.


We invite you to visit our web site and become more familiar with the CBC community and our education and research activities!