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Get Hands-On Experience in the Career You are Interested in!

You can participate in an internship anytime during your academic career And it could be a nice way to "try out" a job or ease the transition into a job after graduation.

Aspects of each internship vary, but you should consider the following when searching for opportunities that match your needs (in no particular order):

  • credit vs. pay
  • summer vs. regular terms (fall/spring)
  • local vs. out of town or state
  • reputation of the company
  • what you will do
  • necessary courses or experience
  • can the opportunity lead to employment after graduation?

Advantages of participation in an internship are many:

  • real work experience to put on your résumé
  • opportunity to see if that company is a good match for you
  • chance to make an excellent impression on a future employer; and "get your foot in the door"
  • earn some $$ or
  • receive upper-division credit for your work
  • networking - meet people in the industry and make connections with those who can help you get ahead


Life or Medical Sciences Research:

Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC)


University of New Mexico School of Medicine - Summer

Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai - Summer

Washington University in St. Louis Summer Research Opportunities

Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research Summer Research Internship

ASBMB Internships/Careers Search

The Broad Summer Research Program

Listing of summer programs for undergraduates interested in pursuing careers in medical research

National Institute for Health Internship

Bioethics Research:

Mayo Clinical Biomedical Ethics Research summer program

Internships Abroad:

Internship Abroad Program Search

Study Abroad Programs and Internship Opportunities

Chemistry Study Abroad Worldwide Programs

Chemistry Internships Abroad

Law Enforcement:

William D. Clarke, Sr. Diplomatic Security Fellowship - for seniors going on to a master's degree program who want to become Special Agents in our law enforcement arm, the Diplomatic Security Service. The program pays for the master's degree, includes two consecutive paid summer internships, and students join as Special Agents upon graduation. “

Business internships:

Chemistry Internships:

List of Arizona Chemistry Summer Internships

NASA’S Internship Programs

Chemistry: Directory of Internships, Research Opportunities ...

American Chemical Society Database of Internships

STEM Internships:

Biochemistry internships:

Biochemistry: Directory of Internships, Research Opportunities ...

Biochemistry Internships

You can always ask a company if they employ interns. If they lack a formal internship program, see if they will allow you work for college credit. If the company is willing to hire you for credit, you may be enrolled in an internship course:

CHEM 493 -- Internship (1-3 units)
Description: Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of training and practice in actual service in a technical, business, or governmental establishment.
Grading: | Alternative grades | are awarded for this course: S P C D or E.
May be repeated: an unlimited number of times, consult your department for details and possible restrictions.
Usually offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

  • The most current versions of the following forms are available on the Registrar's Forms page
  • Internship Policies and Guidelines
  • Internship Application Form
  • Internship Assumption of Risk Release Form
  • Student's Internship Evaluation Form
  • Supervisor's Internship Evaluation Form

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