Diversity in CBC

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Our Mission


We respect, invite and value our human differences.


We engage in fairness.


We integrate our human differences into the fabric of the department to empower everyone to show up whole and contribute fully.

As the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, we are rediscovering the full meaning of our own human “chemistry.” Our world is naturally diverse, and we know that our intellectual excellence, impact, and vivacity benefit from the multifaceted talent, perspective, and experience that diversity brings. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are dynamic and work together. Diversity demands the presence of equity and inclusion to create the research and teaching environments that anchor these three values into the culture and the structure of the department. We are committed to not letting phenotypes determine opportunities and values in our department. We are not perfect and may have blind spots and old bruises, but we are willing to grow, learn, and evolve toward greater inclusion and justice.

DEI Committee Members

Marie-Pierre Hasne, (Chair) Faculty
Tara Archuleta, Faculty
Beverly Feng, Postdoc
Vanessa Huxter, Faculty
Paul Lee, Staff
Katie Martin, Graduate Student
Dom McGrath, Faculty, ex officio
Jeff Pyun, Faculty
Samantha Rokey, Graduate Student
Dash Tapasyatanu, Graduate Student
The mission of the DEI Committee is to create a thriving environment and a positive climate for all members of the CBC department by actively fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity in all forms, including age, ancestry, color, disability, class, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and military/veteran status, among its members.
The DEI committee is charged with (1) implementing and maintaining a vibrant DEI culture within the department through education; (2) creating an inclusive and accepting environment that facilitates the recruitment and retention of a diverse community; and (3) building greater connections among CBC members.