Transfer Evaluation

If you plan to take Chemistry or Biochemistry courses at another school and substitute those credits for UA courses, you must obtain a transfer pre-approval. Instructions and forms can be found on the Registrar's Pre-Approval Webpage. Students interested in non-CBC courses may discuss the basics of the process with their advisor.

Once you have your school approved by the Registrar, contact CBC advisor Megan Cunnington regarding the course.

You must provide the syllabus for the course(s) you plan to take. All schools provide a syllabus for each course. You can contact the instructor, department, or school. The current syllabus is fine if the syllabus isn't prepared yet for the semester in which you intend to take the course.

If the course is from an Arizona community college or university, you do not need to have pre-approval. We have articulation agreements with public, in-state schools.

Check the Course Equivalency Guide to see how courses will transfer to UA. If your class does not automatically come in as a direct UA equivalent, you must contact the Department for proper evaluation. 

NOTE: Once you complete the course, you must send UA an official transcript or the credits will not appear in UAccess. A C or better is required for a course to transfer, although it will not affect your GPA at the UA.

For courses you have completed outside of Arizona or at private institutions, please use the Transfer Evaluation Form to request an evaluation of the course for UA course equivalency or substitution. Complete all required fields. If you do not submit the syllabus, we will follow up asking for it, only delaying the process. Submission without syllabi will be denied. You can submit supplmental supporting documentation.

Examples of appropriate supporting documentation could include:

  • Course syllabus with detailed information about topics covered, textbook used, grading scheme, lab experiments conducted, course pre-requisites, intended audience, credit hour breakdown, lecture or lab schedule, etc.
  • Course website
  • Lab notebook or samples of lab reports
  • Your graded exams
  • Or anything that would demonstrate what is covered in the course and to what extent each topic is covered.


Transfer Evaluation