David F. O'Brien Graduate Fellowship in Chemistry

David F. O'BrienThis scholarship was established by the family, friends and colleagues in memory of David F. O'Brien, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Arizona.


The David F. O'Brien Gradudate Fellowship in Chemistry shall be awarded under the following criteria and guidelines:

  • Recipient may be a male or female graduate student.
  • Recipient MUST have completed his/her third year of graduate work.
  • There may be multiple award winners in any one-year period (as determined by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fellowship Selection Committee).
  • David F. O'Brien's research emphasis was biochemistry and cancer research. Preference shall be given to a student working on a dissertation project focusing on one (or both) or these two areas.


The Fellowship Selection Committee within The University of Arizona Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry shall select the recipient(s). The Department Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry will appoint this committee. Final award(s) will be subject to the approval of the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Scholarship Development Office of the University of Arizona Foundation.

Final award recipient(s) will be determined by a research competition by the applicants which includes a presentation of their research. Specific criteria for this competition shall be determined by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Fellowship Selection Committee.

The award recipient(s) shall be expected to present his/her original work at a Gordon Research Conference or some other suitably prestigious conference.