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CoS Staff Excellence Awards Nomination Form 2020

Nominators should gather the following documents and submit them using the form below by 5 pm on Thursday, March 5, 2020:
  • Nomination letter describing the nominee's contributions to CBC in the last year, with examples of how the nominee meets/exceeds award criteria
  • Letter of support from nominee's supervisor OR department head
  • Optional additional letter of support

Is there someone you feel performs his/her duties with an extraordinary degree of pride and reliability? Someone who always comes through? Someone who goes the extra mile! If you feel an outstanding staff member (classified staff or appointed professional) in your department meets the following criteria and is deserving of this honor, please nominate that person. 

The nomination will require 2 supporting letters, one of which must come from the department head OR the nominee’s supervisor. An additional letter of support is optional and may be submitted if desired.

Criteria to consider in the supporting letters (please include 1 or more examples in your letters):
  • Performs extra duties substantially beyond those normally assigned.
  • Performs other roles when the department is short-staffed.
  • Volunteers to serve on a department or University committee and contributes to its success.
  • Has developed new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources.
  • Makes creative suggestions that save the department time & money.
  • Provides services to others that are beyond assigned responsibilities.
The following people are ineligible to receive this award:
  • Those who won this award in the previous two years. In CBC this is Mark Yanagihashi & Ken Nebesny (now retired), who received this award in 2018 & 2019, respectively.
  • Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and student employees

Questions? Problems submitting your documents? Please contact Ellie Warder or Laura Lustro.