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Sarah Nelson in Cambridge

Sarah Nelson - Cambridge Here are two pictures. The first is of me outside of The Eagle Pub in Cambridge. The Eagle is just down the road from where I work and is the place where Watson and Crick first announced their discovery of the structure of DNA. The second picture is from a weekend trip I took to Geneva in front of the largest fountain of water in the world, and of course accompanied by a soccer ball as Switzerland (with Austria) is currently hosting the European Cup - a really big soccer tournament.

Sarah Nelson - Cambridge The research I am doing at the moment has to do with investigating new cancer imaging techniques by exploiting metabolic processes known to be changed within cancer cells and I am working for Dr. Brindle, a professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge.

ALSO! an aside, my lab group made the cover of nature, and the issue was published on June 12, 2008 and is in Volume 453 Number 7197, pp 823 - 956.