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Mark Leick in London

Mark LeickMark Leick

London is an amazing, cosmopolitan city. In the small biomaterials department alone we have post docs from Germany, Malaysia, India, Sweden, Japan, Thailand, France, Venezuela, and Turkey!

My project involves working with a bone regenerative glass called Bioglass from which I am making bioactive scaffolds for tissue repair.

Mark Leick Within a few years this work will hopefully lead to the ability to grow entirely new bone structures, custom designed with the patient's own cells to the exact shape and size they need. I have been given almost complete freedom and my project is multidisciplinary. I freely work in the biomaterials, cell biology, and maxillofacial departments daily while also having the opportunity to attend weekly departmental seminars that explore one research area, as well as meetings with the London Materials Society.

Mark Leick Some of these pictures are from a vacation spot south of London where it was actually really nice, like 70 degrees! The water was warmer than California! The beaches were rocky, but still nice.

Mark Leick I have also been able to get involved with a maxillofacial surgical team for which I fabricate parts of the skeletal system like skulls or arms from CT scan data. I then get to watch the maxillofacial surgeons plan and then perform the extensive extraction and reconstructions using my models.

Mark Leick London is a vibrant city with temperate weather, state funded museums and galleries, and plenty to do. I have been able to see a show at the west end, visit the national gallery and other museums, and see the night life with other students from my dorm.

Mark Leick One of the pictures is from my window in the hospital tower where my lab is and the other is from a charity quiz night with some people from the lab.