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Tristan Kleine

Tristan KleineI grew up in the Bay Area (California) then moved to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for undergrad in 2010 and eventually earned my B.S. in chemistry while working in Prof. Phil Costanzo’s lab. Through him, I was introduced to Prof. Jeffrey Pyun and spent the summer between my junior and senior years at Cal Poly as a summer student in the Pyun group. That experience ultimately cemented my decision to pursue my PhD at The University of Arizona with Prof. Pyun, beginning in 2014. Over the course of my graduate career I have focused mainly on the development of novel, high sulfur content polymers primarily for use as high refractive index materials for infrared (IR) based optical/photonic applications. However, early work looked at using these polymers as the active material in Lithium-Sulfur battery cathodes for energy storage.