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Trace BartelsAs a Tucson native, I am proud to say that I am a senior at the University of Arizona currently finishing a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.  During my time at the University of Arizona, I have been conducting research at the Arizona Cancer Center under the supervision of Eric Weterings, PhD.  In this role, I am investigating how to inhibit DNA repair mechanisms using novel drug compounds with the hopes of improving conventional cancer treatments.  My research has been generously supported through my involvement with the Undergraduate Research Biology Program (UBRP).  When not in the laboratory, I actively participate in the CBC Ambassadors Program and the CBC Mentor Program.   To keep myself busy,  I also volunteer my time in the outpatient pharmacy at Banner-UMC hospital.  Upon graduating, I hope to go to pharmacy school to obtain a doctorate of pharmacy.  In this environment, I can use my chemistry and pharmacy knowledge to help people and make a real difference.  For my free time, I love to hike in the nice weather Tucson has to offer and exploring the great outdoors.  I also enjoy vacationing at the beach, playing video games with friends, going to the gym, and anything car related.  Finally, Go Wildcats!