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Tommy SzetoI am a Biochemistry and Chemistry double major at the University of Arizona, graduating in May 2020. Prior to Spring Break 2020,  I was conducting research fighting the Influenza A and B viruses but due to the current state of affairs I have been reassigned to focus my attention to combating the (COVID-19) Coronavirus in Dr. Jun Wang's lab. A typical day includes expressing/purifying coronavirus proteins and screening pharmaceuticals for antivirals. X-ray crystallographic structural work is also coming along in hopes to better understand coronavirus proteases in order to enable more efficient antiviral drug design. I have had the pleasure and privilege of also taking part of the Biophysical Society (BPS), Biochemistry Club, Chemistry Club, STEM CATS, and CBC Ambassadors Programs. Outside of campus, I enjoy volunteering anywhere from packaging basic necessities at local food banks to performing Magic Shows to demonstrate the magic of chemistry to the general public at local libraries and elementary-high schools. Following graduation, I will continue with my research with the Jun Wang Grup at the UA College of Pharmacy as a junior researcher.