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Todd Lewis Selected as January 2020 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Todd Lewis, January 2020 Student of the Month.

Nominator Guy Scangarello had this to say about Todd:

"Todd is my CBC (Chemistry) mentor that I was assigned at the beginning of the year. While he has adamantly checked in on me from the start, this past month he has shown immense compassion and lent his assistance to a situation he in no way had to. At the end of December, I suffered an injury that eventually required surgical intervention and an extensive healing process. Because of this, I could not come back to UA (and still cannot until early February) for the start of the semester. As Todd and I had already been in contact over the holiday to set me up to join a research group, I let him know of my misfortune. Immediately, Todd became available to assist me in any way he possibly could. What began as an extremely stressful reality for me was defused by Todd, as I knew I had someone on my side who was willing to give me that individualized attention and care that seems to get lost in the immensity of universities such as the UA. Todd, being a senior (an outstanding one at that), has been able to quickly and thoroughly answer any questions I have about my classes, as I am essentially teaching myself (through the internet and, of course, Todd) the content. He is truly is one of the hardest working students I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. His passion for Chemistry is clear and vibrant. I undoubtedly know that being selected as Student of the Month would mean a ton to him."

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