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Thomas Gianetti Now Settled in the Marvel Building

Assistant Professor Thomas Gianetti (back row, center) started his appointment in the CBC department on September 1, 2017. His research group recently moved to their permanent lab space on the 6th floor of the Marvel building. The lab is now operational and is equipped with three glove boxes, six hoods that each contained a Schlenck line, two 5 taps solvent purification systems, and standard characterization instruments (IR, UV-Vis and cyclic voltamogram). The Gianetti group has grown quickly in the past few months and is now composed of 3 first-year graduate students (Hannah Goodman, Gregory London and Jose Veleta) and 4 undergraduate students (Carter Bosse, Iliya Panfilenko, Dominic Pierce-Navarro and Alejandro Villalobos). Dr. Gianetti’s research program targets the synthesis of novel organometallic species, through ligand design, including novel species that involve metal-carbocation Z interaction, and late–late transition metal bimetallic compounds. More information about the Gianetti Lab Group is available online.

Dr. Gianetti was born and raised in Marseille in the south of France. He is from a working class family that emigrated from Italy during the Second World War, and he is proud to be the first member of his family that went to college. He obtained his M.Sc. in chemistry and chemical engineering from CPE Lyon. After graduating, he worked in industry for a year, at Johnson Matthey Catalyst, but quickly realized that his thirst for fundamental research would only be fulfilled by pursuing an academic career. He then moved to California in 2009 where he received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley under the guidance of Professors John Arnold and Robert Bergman. While a graduate student, he met his future wife, Amelia, and they expended their family with two children, Daisy and Lucian, who are now 7 and 4 years old respectively. After graduating in 2014, Dr. Gianetti and his family moved back to Europe where he spent 3 years as postdoctoral ETH fellow in the lab of Professor Hansjörg Grützmacher at the ETH Zurich. They are now enjoying the desert, the warm weather and what Tucson has to offer. Dr. Gianetti enjoys his 10 mile bike ride to work everyday and spending time with his family on the weekends.

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