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Taylor GeeI was born and raised in Southern California (San Diego) then moved to Salem, OR for my undergraduate studies. At Willamette University I majored in chemistry and played for the varsity Women’s Volleyball team. During those years I was exposed to research in the laboratories of Dr. Alison Fisher and Dr. Andrew Duncan. These introductions to biochemistry and organic chemistry, respectively, sparked my interest in pursuing chemistry as a career. In 2015 I moved to the University of Arizona to work in the laboratory of Michael L. Heien and study the neurotransmission of dopamine. Current work focuses on understanding the dopaminergic mechanisms that underlie pain and pain relief. I hope to continue studying the brain throughout my career with the ultimate goal of improving therapies for mental illness.

Outside of research, main hobbies include playing volleyball and hiking. And, whenever possible, I enjoy sneaking away to visit family, friends, and the beach in San Diego.