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Steven PetritisSteven Petritis received his B.A. in chemistry from Grinnell College where he worked on the total synthesis of indole alkaloid natural products under the direction of Dr. Erick Leggans.  Steven is currently a second-year chemistry Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (CBC) at the University of Arizona.  Under the guidance of Dr. Elisa Tomat, Steven works on the design and synthesis of biopyrrin analogs for metal coordination and ligand-based redox chemistry and was given the Early Career Excellence in Research Award at the 3rd Annual CBC Research Symposium in August, 2016.

In addition to be an active researcher in the Tomat lab, Steven has worked as a teaching assistant for undergraduate students taking both general chemistry and organic chemistry lab courses.  He has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the teaching program by reaching both “Far Exceeds Expectations” and “Awards” levels in teaching organic chemistry labs.  Besides his teaching experiences, Steven has also been an active member of several groups on campus and in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Steven has served as a member of the Graduate and Professional School Council (GPSC) for the past year in addition to being the Social Chair of the Program to Advance Women Scientists (PAWS) outreach group and an active member of the Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) Chemistry Fraternity.